The Pros and Cons of Bluestacks


Bluestacks is a free download application designed to help you use video and audio files on your personal computer. This is a software solution that offers the convenience of a flash-based player to your media files. The application uses your personal computer’s memory space by storing the video and audio files on your hard disk. In this way, your computer’s system resources can be utilized to play these media files as frequently as you want. Unlike other softwares, Bluestacks does not have a slow startup menu. Instead, it utilizes the computer’s available memory space so that you can watch the media files as often as you like.


The advantages of using this application are plenty. Bluestacks is not only a lightweight software that consumes less system resources but also saves your time and money. Bluestacks can be used for a wide range of applications such as videos and music collection. You can easily transfer the files from your iPod or other portable media player to your computer using the application. You can also use the application to watch DVDs and Blu-ray discs directly from your computer. You can even copy the media files from your hard drive to your hard disk with the application. The other great thing about Bluestacks is that it works on Mac and Windows computers and even if you are using Windows, you can still make use of the application.

The different cons of Bluestacks is actually just a few things that may discourage you from downloading this application. The main con is the fact that there are various versions of this software out there. While some of the versions are compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, some others are only compatible with Windows. Another drawback is that Bluestacks does not offer a very good interface. Also check free bluestack download , free bluestack on websitepin and more information about bluestack.


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